New Publication on Photoacoustics Journal

The PolySense team has just published  a new article on Photoacoustics Journal Elsevier (IF 9.94)  reporting on the development of a gas sensor based on light-induced thermo-elastic spectroscopy (LITES) capable to detect methane (C1) and ethane (C2) in a wide concentration range, from percent down to part-per-billion (ppb).
Minimum detection limits of ∼650 ppb and ∼90 ppb were achieved at 10 s of integration time for C1 and C2, respectively, while the highest detectable concentration were 10% for C1 and 1% for C2, demonstrating the capability of the developed LITES sensor to operate with concentration ranges spanning over 6 orders of magnitude.

The following link provides access to the article:

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