New Publication on Photoacoustics Journal

The PolySense team has just published  a new article on Photoacoustics Journal Elsevier (IF 7.9)  reporting on an all-fiber-based laser gas analyzer (LGA) employing quartz-enhanced photoacoustics spectroscopy (QEPAS) and a side-polished fiber (SPF). Sensor performance was demonstrated using methane in nitrogen gas mixtures, with CH4 mixing ratios ranging from 75 ppmv to 1% (by volume), measured with an accumulation time of 300 ms, and a minimum detection limit of 34 ppmv subsequently determined. The EW-QEPAS sensor is ideal for miniaturization, as it does not contain any free-space optics and is suitable for gas sensing in harsh environments and where mobility is required.

The following link provides access to the article:

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