New Publication on Photoacoustics Journal

The PolySense team has just published  a new article on Photoacoustics Journal Elsevier (IF 7.9)  reporting on the novel employment of lithium niobate tuning forks as acoustic transducers in photoacoustics spectroscopy for gas sensing. The lithium niobate tuning fork (LiNTF) exhibits a fundamental resonance frequency of 39196.6 Hz and a quality factor Q = 5900 at atmospheric pressure. The possibility to operate the LiNTF as a photoacoustic wave detector was demonstrated targeting a water vapor absorption line falling at 7181.14 cm−1 (1.39 µm). A noise equivalent concentration of 2 ppm was reached with a signal integration time of 20 s. These preliminary results open the path towards integrated photonic devices for gas sensing with LiNTF-based detectors on lithium niobate platforms.

The following link provides access to the article:

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